About This Site

Introduction of this site - Japanese-Lesson.com


Japanese-Lesson.com presents free online lessons for everyone who wants to learn the Japanese language.

The purpose of this site is to provide a learning opportunity especially for those who have no Japanese language school nearby.

This site can be useful not only for self-learning at home, but also for classes at school.

This site cannot be a substitute for Japanese language schools. For better results, it is recommended to study at school with good teachers and classmates.

About the Content

The contents of this site are produced by an experienced Japanese language teacher who passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test authorized by the Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language and administered by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.

This site introduces information and rules of modern Japanese language which is commonly taught and understood in the nation.

The content of this site is in accord with the following guidelines and standards issued by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan.

Rōmaji - Romanization System

Rōmaji (ローマ字) is a character set to describe the sound of Japanese in Roman alphabet.

There are different romanization systems suitable for different purposes.

In this website, we adopt the Hepburn-Based Romanization System recommended by the Department of English Language, The University of Tokyo (*1).


Our original font called "Yomikaki" is used for character study.

The font displays the standard shape of character with minimum decorative elements.

Students can easily copy the shape when they do the handwriting practice.

Voice Recordings

Voice samples used on this website are recorded by professional voice actors who were properly trained and have lots of experiences.

All recordings were made under the supervision of a Japanese language teacher.


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