Lists of words and phrases of different categories

How many words?

JLPT Level Number of Words
Level 4 (elementary - first half) about 800
Level 3 (elementary - second half) about 1,500 (+700)
Level 2 (intermediate) about 6,000 (+4,500)
Level 1 (advanced) about 10,000 (+4,000)

Reference: Contents of the Test page / The JLPT web-site

In the JLPT test content specification, particular number of words are specified for each level.

Most Japanese language schools follow the similar curriculum.

Around 1,500 words (Level 4 and 3) are sufficient for simple daily conversation.

See Study Guide page for more details.

Word Lists

Item Content
Numbers How to count numbers in Japanese
Numbers (PDF) Printable list of numbers
Date How to tell the date in Japanese
Time How to tell the time in Japanese
Nations Japanese name of nations in the world
Nations (PDF) Printable list of nations in the world

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