Lesson 1: ア イ ウ エ オ


How to Read

ア イ ウ エ オ Play video

Just watch the video several times and move on. You can memorize at the Quiz programs.

Structure of 五十音図 [ gojūon-zu | Table of 50 sounds ] is exactly the same as Hiragana.

Long Vowels

ā ī ū ē ō

Long vowels are indicated by an additional horizontal bar "".

In Rōmaji, long vowels are indicated by a horizontal bar on top.

Additional Letters

The following additional letters are used to describe the sounds of foreign languages.

ァィゥェォ [small a i u e o]

ye wi we wo

These small letters always added after some letter and cannot be used just by themselves.

ヴ [vu]

va vi vu ve vo

Letter is used for "v" sound.

Since there is no "v" sound in the Japanese language, it is usually pronounced "b".


Quiz A+B is a reading practice of Katakana letters and words.

Content of Quiz C is the same as Quiz A+B (different order) and the pace is faster.

How to Do

  1. Katakana will be shown.
  2. Read out the letter when it becomes red color.
  3. Repeat till you can read most letters correctly.

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