Four-Character Idiom

Japanese Four Kanji Character Idioms


一期一会 Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.
十人十色 So many men, so many minds.
自業自得 As you sow, so you reap.
大器晩成 Great talents are slow in maturing.
七転八起 If you fall down seven times, rise up eight times.
一刻千金 A tiny moment equals to thousands of gold.
温故知新 Consult the past to learn about the future.
諸行無常 Everything is constantly changing and nothing can stay the same.
不言実行 Action before words.
適材適所 the right person in the right place
弱肉強食 The stronger prey on the weaker.
医食同源 Medicine and food have the same origin.
因果応報 The result you get is equal to the action you made.
生者必滅 All living things must die.
明鏡止水 a stable and clear state of mind as a polished mirror and still water
悪戦苦闘 desperate fight against against great difficulties
試行錯誤 trial and error
唯一無二 one and only
疑心暗鬼 Once you suspect something, everything else will look suspicious.
初志貫徹 carrying out one's original intention
心願成就 realization of one's earnest wishes
自由自在 completely in control
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