Lesson 2: カ キ ク ケ コ


How to Type

Keystrokes ka ki ku ke ko
Keystrokes ga gi gu ge go

Additional Letters

Katakana クァ クィ クゥ クェ クォ
Keystrokes kwa kwi kwu kwe kwo
Katakana グァ グィ グゥ グェ グォ
Keystrokes gwa gwi gwu gwe gwo

Sample Fonts

Standard Shape

ka ki ku ke ko
ga gi gu ge go

Refer this standard shape when you do the writing practice.

Sample Fonts

ka ki ku ke ko
ga gi gu ge go

These are commonly used fonts. Just take a look and observe the difference.


How to Do

  1. Katakana letters will be shown.
  2. Input the same letters on the text box below the video screen.
  3. Repeat the practice till you can input most letters correctly.

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