Lesson 3: サ シ ス セ ソ


How to Write


Katakana a Katakana a

Position of [1] is higher than the center of Y-axis.

[2] and [3] start about the same Y-axis height.

[3] is slightly curved.


Katakana a Katakana a

Keep the proper distance between [1] and [2].

Start [3] at the right place.

Tilt angle of [3] is perpendicular against [1] and [2].


Katakana a Katakana a

[1] and [2] are just touching, should not be crossed.

Start [2] at around the center of X-axis.

[1] and [2] end near the same Y-axis height.


Katakana a Katakana a

[1] goes upwards, not horizontal.

[2] is curved, not sharply angled.


Katakana a Katakana a

[1] is longer than [1] and [2] of シ.

Tilt angle of [1] is directed towards the bottom of [2].


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