Hiragana Writing Practice

Printable writing practice sheets with grid lines (PDF) and handwriting instructions for each letter.

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Handwriting Practice Sheet

Hiragana Writing Practice Sheet

How to Download/Print

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Hiragana Writing Practice Sheet PDF 969 KB

Click the link. PDF document will be displayed (10 pages).

To download the file, choose [Save As...] from [File] menu.

To print on papers, choose [Print...] from [File] menu.

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Blank Writing Practice Sheet PDF 209 KB

Blank sheet with no sample letters.

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How to Practice

sample image of Hiragana writing practice sheet

We recommend to do the following practice.

  1. First Row: Carefully imitate the shape of sample letters.
  2. Second Row: Write letters by occasionally looking the sample.
  3. Third Row: Write a letter without looking, then compare with the sample.

Refer grid lines to check the position of each stroke.

This one-time practice would be enough to get familiar with the shape of letters.

Repeat the practice to become a master of beautiful handwriting!

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Handwriting Instructions

Handwriting instructions for each letter are available at the following pages.

sheet Hiragana instructions
01 あ い う え お Hiragana Master Drill - Part 1
02 か き く け こ Hiragana Master Drill - Part 2
03 さ し す せ そ Hiragana Master Drill - Part 3
04 た ち つ て と Hiragana Master Drill - Part 4
05 な に ぬ ね の Hiragana Master Drill - Part 5
06 は ひ ふ へ ほ Hiragana Master Drill - Part 6
07 ま み む め も Hiragana Master Drill - Part 7
08 や ゆ よ Hiragana Master Drill - Part 8
09 ら り る れ ろ Hiragana Master Drill - Part 9
10 わ を ん Hiragana Master Drill - Part 10
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