Lesson 9: ら り る れ ろ


How to Write

Hiragana ra Hiragana ra - line 1 Hiragana ra - line 2

Mind the length of vertical part of the second stroke.

Hiragana i Hiragana ri - line 1 Hiragana ri - line 2

The whole shape is vertically long.

The line 2 is longer, and curves at the end.

Hiragana ru Hiragana ru - line 1  

The end of the rolled part should not be crossed (just touching).

Hiragana re Hiragana re - line 1 Hiragana re - line 2

The long middle part of the line 2 goes straight upwards, straight down, then curves at the end.

Hiragana ro Hiragana ro - line 1  

Mind the length of the middle part (tilted straight line).


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