Lesson 1: Greetings

Communication Tips

Styles of speech - plain, honorific and informal

Spoken Japanese has some variations - plain, honorific and informal. People use different styles of speech in different situations. For example, the same person uses the plain style at work and the informal style at home.

Plain style is a standard textbook language. Newscasters speak in this style.

Honorific style is called "keigo" in Japanese, and is used when you speak to a person who is in higher status.

Informal style is used in close relationships such as with friends or with family members.

In this course, you will learn the plain style of speech. In addition, frequently-used honorific and informal expressions are included.

In the Japanese society, politeness is one of the most cherished value. Using plain (standard) language is taken to be a polite attitude. It's safe for you to use the plain language till you become fluent enough.

Inappropriate use of informal (casual) language could be taken as rude or offensive.

As you can see in this lesson, informal expressions are shorter in many cases.

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