Lesson 5: Getting Around

Communication Tips

Asking Directions

When you get lost, it's best to ask the people. In Japan, street names are not shown in many cases.

People are generally kind and will try to give you the best advice. Or they will take you to the place if it's close.

The biggest challenge for you would be to understand what people are saying. To make it easier, try the following...

  • (1) Show where you want to go on the map (if you have).
  • (2) Ask to draw a route map. "Kantan na chizu o kaite morae masuka? (Can you draw a simple map?)"
  • (3) Ask to write down the name of the places in Japanese so that you can identify where you are. "Basho no namae o nihongo de kaite morae masuka? (Can you write the name of the place in Japanese?)"
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