This section presents online study programs and information to improve your speaking ability of the Japanese language.


  • Full of audio recordings of native speakers.
  • Lots of situational speaking exercise.
  • Tips for smooth cross-cultural communication.
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Learning Programs

Basic Japanese Course for Beginners

Lesson Topics
Lesson 1 Greetings
Lesson 2 Useful Expressions
Lesson 3 Introducing Yourself
Lesson 4 Date and Time
Lesson 5 Getting Around
Lesson 6 Eating and Sleeping
Lesson 7 Shopping
Lesson 8 Expressing Your Feelings
Lesson 9 Socializing
Lesson 10 Health and Emergency

Free online lessons for learning common expressions quickly.

Ideal for beginners. No previous knowledge required.

Full of audio recordings and speaking practice.

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Karaoke Song Album 千の風になって (A Thousand Winds) - Masafumi Akikawa

(A Thousand Winds)
by Masafumi Akikawa

Learn Japanese by singing!

Music video of the song

Lyrics in Rōmaji & Hiragana

Word by word translation