Lesson 3: さ し す せ そ


How to Read



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How to Write

Hiragana a Hiragana a - line 1 Hiragana a - line 2 Hiragana a - line 3

All lines should be properly tilted.

The line 3 is slightly curved.

Lines 2 and 3 are NOT connected.

Hiragana i Hiragana i - line 1

Start with vertical straight line, then curve properly.

Hiragana u Hiragana u - line 1 Hiragana u - line 2

Roll at the right place.

The last part is slightly curved.

Hiragana e Hiragana e - line 1 Hiragana e - line 2 Hiragana e - line 2

The line 1 is slightly tilted going upwards.

Hiragana so Hiragana so - line 1

Curve the last part properly.

Alternative Way

Hiragana so - alternative way Hiragana so - line 1 Hiragana so - line 2

Lines 1 and 2 are not crossed, just touched.

There is another way of writing そ (2 strokes).

This is not the official way but is commonly used for handwriting.


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How to Type

Keystrokes sa shi su se so

can be typed by two ways - [shi] and [si]. The choice is up to you.

Keystrokes za si zu ze zo

can be typed by two ways - [ji] and [zi]. The choice is up to you.

Sample Fonts

Standard Shape

a a a a a
a a a a a

Sample Fonts

a a a a a
a a a a a

Please note that the second and the third strokes of [sa] are connected in some fonts.


Typing Quiz A Typing Quiz B

Please note that some Hiragana letters can be typed by multiple ways of keystrokes.

Refer Keystroke Chart when you have a problem.

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