Lesson 10: わ を ん


How to Read

わ を ん

Pronunciation of is the same as particle [wa].

Letter is used only as the particle.

Pronunciation of is the same as [o].

does not belong to any row or column in the gojūon-zu.

should be pronounced for the same length as other letters (one syllable long).

Particle を

Particle indicates that the previous word is the object of a verb.

Particle を


Additional Letters

ぁ ぃ ぅ ぇ ぉ う゛

These additional letters are invented in modern era to describe the sound of foreign languages such as うぃ [wi], うぉ [wo], しぇ [she], ちぇ [che], てぃ [ti], ふぁ [fa], じぇ [je], でぃ [di], ゔぃ [vi].

Foreign loanwords are usually written in Katakana and these additional Hiragana letters are rarely used.

You will learn more about additional letters at the Katakana Course.

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