Lesson 2: か き く け こ


How to Type

Keystrokes ka ki ku ke ko
Keystrokes ga gi gu ge go

The keystrokes shown above are the same as the Rōmaji spelling.

Sample Fonts

Standard Shape

a a a a a
a a a a a

Refer this standard shape when you do the writing practice.

Sample Fonts

a a a a a
a a a a a

These are commonly used fonts. Just take a look and observe the difference.

The third and the fourth strokes of [ki] are connected in some fonts.

Please note that the shape of these sample fonts can be inappropriate for handwriting.


How to Do

  1. Hiragana letters will be shown.
  2. Answer the keystrokes to input them.
  3. You are good enough if you can answer correctly the last 10 questions.

Type your answer in Roman alphabet on the text box below the video screen.

For more practical training, you can type the answer in Hiragana (if your computer is ready for the Japanese text input).

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