Japanese Text Input

Information on how to type Japanese characters on your computer

Japanese Text Input

You can input Japanese characters on your computer by changing the language setting or installing additional applications.

We recommend to install Google Japanese IME - a free application distributed by Google. The following links explain how to install and use the program;

Keystroke Chart

You can download or print out the keystroke chart for a reference.

The content is tested with Google IME, Windows IME and Kotoeri for Mac OS.

Please note that there are more keystrokes to input the same letter. For example, you can input ちゃ [cha] by typing "CHA", "CYA", "TYA", "CHILYA", "TILYA", "CHIXYA" and "TIXYA".

To avoid confusion, only keystrokes that are listed on this chart will be used in our courses.

Japanese Text Input - Keystrokes Chart

How to Download/Print

item file type size
Keystrokes Chart PDF 720 KB

Click the link. PDF document will be displayed (1 page).

To download the file, choose [Save As...] from [File] menu.

To print on papers, choose [Print...] from [File] menu.

Get Adobe Reader

To view the PDF file, you need Adobe Reader,
a free application distributed by Adobe Systems.

Typing Instructions

Typing instructions for each letter are available at the following pages.

Hiragana instructions
あ い う え お Marks (、。「」?!) Hiragana Course - Lesson 1
か き く け こ Hiragana Course - Lesson 2
さ し す せ そ Hiragana Course - Lesson 3
た ち つ て と Hiragana Course - Lesson 4
な に ぬ ね の Hiragana Course - Lesson 5
は ひ ふ へ ほ Hiragana Course - Lesson 6
ま み む め も Hiragana Course - Lesson 7
や ゆ よ Hiragana Course - Lesson 8
ら り る れ ろ Hiragana Course - Lesson 9
わ を ん Hiragana Course - Lesson 10
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